You guys have been handling an incredible amount of counts lately and have done a great job. Thanks for all the hard work!

Dallas, Texas

I just had to reach out and say how overjoyed I am about your fantastic news! You and your entire team are simply amazing. We appreciate all the support you bring to the table, and we're so grateful to have you on our side. Thank you again for everything you do.

Long Beach, California

That's awesome management. Appreciate your help.

Redding, Northern California

You rock

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

You all have provided us with awesome service over the last few weeks. Although we asked for data collection at multiple locations with very short deadlines, NDS has come through each and every time. We really appreciate your quick response and quality of deliverables. Thank you and have a good day.

Houston Texas

I am very grateful for the update and the fact that you kept the camera out one more day for queue observations. This effort is what makes y’all so great.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

That was so fast!!!

Kissimmee, Florida

I especially appreciate NDS’s willingness to travel to the State of Nevada to collect this highly important data in a state where traffic data collection consultants to the high-level of professionalism of NDS are challenging to find at best. You’ve definitely raised the bar for traffic data collection in the Silver State.

Fernley, Nevada

You guys rock! Thanks for fitting this into your schedule.

Houston, Texas

I appreciate all you do so quickly.

Contra Costa, Northern California

Man, you guys are freakin’ awesome! Thanks!!

Oceanside, Southern California

Thank you very much for responding to us so quickly, it’s always good to have a partner like you in our team.

San Diego, Southern California

Thank you!!!!!!!!!! You guys are amazing!

Beverly Hills, Southern California

Thank you and NDS for the quick turnaround on this data collection. It is really appreciated. This is why I use your firm exclusively.

Encinitas, Southern California

You've gone above-and-beyond, and I'm grateful to you, personally, and to NDS.

Culver City, Southern California

Also, the data consolidation you all turned around (in short time) for the first three days was great! Thanks for your efforts. Always professional and well organized. Appreciate the upfront coordination with the templates and updates during the process. Made for a smooth transition.

Key Biscayne, Florida

Overall, this is very thorough data and very well documented --- thank you very much


I appreciate the update, and thank you again for making special accommodations to help me out with this one. You all are always great to work with and I can’t thank you enough!


I am please with the responsiveness, attentiveness and quality of results that your staff provides.

San Diego, Southern California

That’s amazing, such a quick turnaround! Thanks so much!! I’m still working on the 3 Rivers one, will get back to you probably next week on that one.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Your team is awesome!

Sacramento, Northern California

Thank you to everyone at NDS that made this happen. I really appreciate your customer service and how quick you got this to us.

Los Angeles, Southern California

About Us

Founded in 1989, National Data and Surveying Services leads the industry as the largest traffic data collection firm, transit data collection firm, and GIS data collection firm in the nation. With an incredibly large capacity to conduct well over two thousand traffic counts every single day and unparalleled technical expertise in our industry, rest assured that we will always be there to support you for the largest of projects or even your smallest!

NDS clientele includes private engineering firms, public agencies, regional planning organizations, retail outlets, private companies, and private citizens. We pride ourselves on being able to communicate effectively to a wide range of clientele with varying degrees of industry knowledge. Our ability to obtain and retain these clients can be credited to our phenomenal staff that lead the charge with excellent customer service, effective quality control, and timely deliveries in the format of each client’s choosing.

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  • Requests

    Expect fast responses from our dedicated regional management. Experienced staff will recommend best industry practices for data collection that fit within your budget.

  • Data Collection

    From project inception to delivery, NDS will actively communicate project updates along the way. Plan proactively for effective project management.

  • Data Delivery

    Rapid turnaround times ensure your deadlines are met.


  • Custom Deliverables

    Data the way you want it. Our custom templates clearly present data and seek to eliminate manual data transcription, providing our clients with the fastest pathway to analysis.

  • Research & Development

    NDS scours the world to test new and innovative data collection methods and technologies. We act as a resource for public agencies and private engineers throughout the nation that seek to understand the most accurate technologies for each application.

  • Custom Technology

    When we can’t find the perfect tech, we build it! NDS assembles the best components in the market for an effective solution to data collection.


  • Personal Touch

    Let us treat your office to lunch or just stop by and say hi. You’ll see us at ITE and other events in your area!

  • Pricing

    Our competitive pricing makes you more competitive with both public and private clients. We realize that belts get tight, but don’t worry, we’ll do our absolute best to meet your needs.

  • Expertise

    Our expertise is your expertise. We’re available for contract interviews, presentations, events, classes, or just a simple phone call to ensure that you’re armed with the most up-to-date and accurate information available.


  • Quality Control

    NDS leads the industry with the most detailed and sophisticated quality control processes nationwide. With three (3) departments dedicated solely to video review, processing, and data analysis, expect us to leave no stone unturned to guarantee superb data accuracy.

  • Video Reduction

    Our cameras are your eyes in the field. There’s almost no limit to what we can capture, classify, and count for your project needs.

  • Data Analysis

    Our national experience provides valuable insight that is leveraged to better understand expected vehicle patterns, location-driven relationships, and the effects of various land usages.

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