• Video: Large or Lengthy projects - We've got you covered! NDS now has the ability to conduct large turning movement projects on the same day while ensuring unparalleled accuracy.
  • Wavetronix: Need to collect accurate volume, speed, and/or class data per lane on HEAVY FREEWAY segments? NO PROBLEM! Using Wave radar technology NDS can now collect the data you need.
  • Drone: With excellent resolution through drone photography and videography, enhance or replace other data methodologies such as origin-destination, parking studies and more. Just use your imagination!

    Video WavetronixDrone

  • Sub Meter GPS: When it comes to Asset Inventory Studies, NDS will customize the data dictionary to ensure that all your data elements are collected by using Sub-Meter Trimble GPS Units.
  • Travel times with VMS 300: “If you can see it , you can map it” Now with the VMS 300 NDS can provide geo-tag point and path video with GPS data in the field. Now clients can see first hand “what is where and when”!

    GPS Travel Times